THL 140M/280



Lithium batteries are the primary current sources of constant readiness and are designed to provide electricity to autonomous equipment of in-line inspection devices and can be used as an autonomous source of direct current electricity to power electronic devices and devices.

Key Features:

Parameter Name Value
Open circuit voltage (V) 22.00
Rated capacity (A·h) 83.00
Final discharge voltage, not less than (V) 12.00
Maximum amperage (A) 5.00
Temperature range (°С) -30..+60
Weight (kg) 7.00
Rated Discharge Current (A) 2.00
Warranty period (years) 3
Electric energy (W·h) 1600.00

The provided characteristics make it possible to predict the operating time of the current source under various operating conditions.

During storage, transportation and operation of LIT it is strictly forbidden to conduct heating above 85°C, charge, short-circuit, expose to open flame, discharge in modes not provided for in the technical conditions, deform and open, allow direct contact with water.