Lithium thionyl chloride current sources

Lithium thionyl chloride current sources (Li / SOCl2) were developed as analogues of cylindrical manganese-zinc elements of size 373. Thionyl chloride current sources have increased efficiency at low temperatures and high operating voltage compared to prototypes, their specific energy is more than 600 Wh / kg. and 800 Wh / dm3, self-discharge does not exceed 2% per year.

These current sources have found application in batteries of autonomous power supply for in-tube diagnostic equipment, telemetry devices, gas meters, power supplies for emergency space rescue systems in distress, in Arctic expeditions, animal direction finding systems when studying their migration, etc.

The lithium current source ER34580 produced by JSC Lithium-Element (frame size 373) has a roll design. There are different options for current outputs (F, TC, ST). Based on this source, THL series lithium batteries are produced for the oil industry.→ Read more

Key Features:

  • highest reliability;

  • high and stable operating voltage;

  • low self-discharge (less than 2% after 1 year at 20 ° C);

  • wide temperature range - 30 to + 60 ° С;

  • warranty period 3 years;

  • impermeability;

  • do not require maintenance;

  • constant readiness for work;