About company

JSC "Lithium-Element" includes a complex of research, development, technological and production units. The company's activity is the development, manufacture and disposal of chemical current sources and batteries based on them. The history of the enterprise began with the creation in 1958 of the Scientific Research Institute of Chemical Power Sources.

At present, Lithium-Element JSC is a leader in the Russian market of chemical current sources. The company produces various types of batteries and current sources: lithium-vinyl chloride (Li / SOCl2), lithium-manganese dioxide (Li / MnO2)

The enterprise’s products are embodied in cutting-edge ideas and effective technical solutions, which allows Lithium-Element JSC to participate in a number of national programs. The products of Lithium-Element JSC in their technical indicators are not inferior to the leading world leaders in this field .

  • 1958 The Scientific Research Institute of Chemical Current Sources has been created. (НИИХИТ)

  • 1985 Association "Lighthouse" (as part of СЗЩа, Lead factory, НИИХИТ, Pilot plant НИИХИТ)

  • 1987 Established Research and Production Association "Vanguard"(as part of НИИХИТ and pilot plant)

  • 1992 Pilot plant - НПК «Lithium-Element»

  • 1994 Order No. 3 of 11/14/1994 on the transformation of OZ НИИХИТ into AOOT «Lithium-Element»

  • 1996 AOOT changed to OJSC «Lithium-Element»

  • 2009 OJSC «Lithium-Element» became a part of Russian Electronics OJSC (Russian Technologies State Corporation)

  • 2015 OJSC was changed to Lithium-Element JSC

  • 2020 JSC "Lithium-Element" became a part of Ltd "RT-Capital"


The company's products are designed for various applications:

  • self-powered equipment and devices;

  • in demand in telemechanics and alarm systems on trunk pipelines;

  • for providing electricity to autonomous equipment for diagnostic flaw detectors;

  • for autonomous power supply of telemetry systems of oil and gas complex drilling equipment;

  • for autonomous power supply of luminous coastal and floating means of navigation equipment.

The high-level industrial and technical base and the necessary capacities make it possible to ensure production output with a total capacity of up to 20 million Ah per year with the fulfillment of strict quality requirements, which creates a stable competitive position of the enterprise in the market of chemical current sources.

Since 2001, lithium batteries for in-line diagnostic equipment for oil pipelines of JSC AK Transneft’s system have been developed and are being replaced instead of imported ones. From 2001 to 2015, more than 2 billion rubles worth of products were delivered. A number of products are supplied to the enterprises of PJSC Gazprom, GK Rosatom, FSUE Rosmorport. Lithium power sources manufactured by JSC “Lithium-Element” have a low self-discharge (less than 1% per year for manganese dioxide, 2% for thionyl chloride), a wide temperature range, are fire and explosion-proof under the conditions of storage and transportation, do not require maintenance, are airtight, durable, have a constant willingness to work. In the designs of our batteries we use current sources of both our own and foreign production (VitzroCell, Tekcell trademark (South Korea). VitzroCell has been our reliable partner for many years. Ensuring the competitiveness of our products, Lithium-Element JSC for own funds account is constantly carrying out work to modernize products, increase their safety, improve performance and expand the range of products.

In research and quality control of manufactured current sources and batteries on their basis, equipment for mechanical climatic and electrical tests is used:


The enterprise uses the DIRECTUM electronic document management system for storing and processing technological and design documentation, which provides a high level of reliability and data availability. An electronic document management system connects the work of various departments, simplifying interaction, allowing you to distribute and control tasks at all stages of execution.

For the structural design of batteries and improvement of the current production line, KOMPAS-3D system has been introduced at Lithium-Element JSC. The program allows you to simulate objects of any complexity. The KOMPAS-3D system is integrated into electronic document management, accelerating and simplifying the solution of production, technological and design problems.


The accumulated experience and many years of scientific experience and research allow JSC "Lithium-Element" to create new current sources, improving quality and improving the technical characteristics of products. One of the promising areas is the creation of lithium batteries for autonomous power supply of telemetric systems of drilling equipment. The determining factors in the development of batteries were a wide temperature range of operation (from 0 to +150 ° C / + 165 ° C), high reliability and long-term resistance to vibration and shock loads. Our company has developed batteries for powering MWD, LWD downhole systems. The batteries are equipped with protective fuses and have specialized connectors. Customized batteries available with custom connectors. You can learn more about that.

Joint Stock Company “Lithium-Element” produces more than 50 items of products of its own design, with an electric capacity of 0.7 to 800 Ah, and various electrochemical systems. The produced lithium, ampoule and thermal products have energy conservation up to 25 years, specific energy of more than 300 W · h / kg and more than 700 W · h / dm3, operability in a wide range of current loads and climatic conditions, have high reliability, do not require maintenance and maintenance during operation. For the development of lithium products and the organization of their production, a number of employees were awarded government awards.

Our strategic goal is to maintain a leading position in the production of lithium power sources, while satisfying consumer needs in everything.


Impact stand, vibration stand ВЭДС-1500МК, Centrifuge, Climatic chambers from -70 to +150 ° C, discharge stands.

Since 2005, Lithium-Element JSC has introduced and successfully operates a quality management system. The company's products have certificates of conformity.

The company's management is actively involved in maintaining and continuously improving the quality assurance system in accordance with the requirements of consumers, which is reflected in the declared Enterprise Quality Policy.