Lithium Dioxide Manganese Power Sources

The DC power supplies of the lithium manganese dioxide (Li / MnO2) electrochemical system were developed to replace batteries at facilities remote from power lines in order to ensure the highest reliability when working in various climatic conditions.

Lithium manganese dioxide current sources are used for powering various autonomous equipment, electronic devices, in security systems and emergency lighting, fire alarms, electronic access control systems, test measuring devices, and as backup current sources for autonomous (emergency) power supply when disconnecting standard systems power supply.

JSC “Lithium-Element” produces high-capacity lithium-manganese prismatic current sources MRL-400, MRL-800 and cylindrical current source MRL-3460. Based on the data of current sources, lithium batteries of the "MRL" series are produced, batteries for the gas industry, batteries for navigation equipment of the "Buoy", "Znak" and "Triton" series.

Key characteristics of the sources of the MRL series are:

  • highest reliability

  • work in any spatial position;

  • high and stable operating voltage;

  • low self-discharge (less than 1% after 1 year at 20 °С);

  • wide temperature range - 20 to + 50 ° C (for MRL-400-M from -30 to +50 °C);

  • warranty period over 10 years;

  • tight execution;

  • stainless steel case;

  • do not require maintenance;

  • constant readiness for work;