The current sources of the lithium thionyl chloride electrochemical system are primary sources of constant readiness current and are intended for power supply of security systems, alarm systems, gas, heat, water meters, cash registers, electrical meters, stationary and mobile communications, and also for autonomous (emergency) power supply automation and communication facilities in case of violation of standard power supply systems.


Key Features:

Parameter Name Value
Voltage (V) 3.60
Rated capacity (A·h) 14.00
Maximum amperage (A) 1.10
Open circuit voltage (V) 3.65..3.75
Final discharge voltage, not less than (V) 2.00
Rated Discharge Current (A) 0.10
Maximum impulse discharge current at l.p.d(A) 3.00
Temperature range (°С) -30..+60
Weight (kg) 0.10
Warranty period (years) 3

The provided characteristics make it possible to predict the operating time of the current source under various operating conditions.

The current sources are sealed, do not emit gases and electrolyte, work in any spatial position, allow the possibility of series-parallel connection in batteries to provide the necessary voltages and capacities.
The ER34580 current source is equipped with an electronic protection device designed to stop the discharge of an element into an external circuit when the discharge voltage drops below a safe value, without breaking the circuit.

Current sources are available in several versions, presented in Figure 1.
Current sources are produced under the license of ZAO IF Orion-HIT Novocherkassk, Russia
Current sources are certified for compliance with safety requirements GOST R IEC 62281-2007.

During storage, transportation and operation of LIT it is strictly forbidden to conduct heating above 85°C, charge, short-circuit, expose to open flame, discharge in modes not provided for in the technical conditions, deform and open, allow direct contact with water.