8ER36 /1367 /1395 /1377


They are unattended primary current sources of constant readiness and are intended to power the downhole telemetry system. Batteries 8ER36 / 1367, 8ER36 / 1395 (connected in series in series) during operation are analogs of A LITIUM BAT H357840 150 ° C and B LITIUM BAT H357840 150 ° C batteries, and 8ER36 / 1377 battery is analogous to LITIUM BAT H357795 150 °C


Batteries are assembled from 8 cylindrical elements DD-HR-150 (G) of the electrochemical system of lithium & ndash; thionyl chloride, size DD, manufactured by Vitzrocell Co., Ltd (South Korea), interconnected in series. The assembly has a protective fuse, is installed in an epoxy fiberglass case and is filled with a compound. The batteries have two connectors at the ends for connection between each other (for the first two batteries) and to the devices.

Key Features:

Parameter Name Value
Maximum amperage (A) 0.50
Voltage (V) 27.00
Rated capacity (A·h) 28.00
Temperature range (°С) 0..+150
Open circuit voltage (V) 29.00
Final discharge voltage, not less than (V) 16.00
Weight (kg) 3.00
Warranty period (years) 3
Rated Discharge Current (A) 0.20
Maximum impulse discharge current at l.p.d(A) 3.00

The provided characteristics make it possible to predict the operating time of the current source under various operating conditions.

Fire, explosion and severe burn hazard. Do not recharge, crush, disassemble, heat, above 150 ° C, incinirate, short circuit or expose contents to water